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Earth Monitor

The Kiwa Earth Monitor is an ELF/VLF - Extremely Low/ Very Low Frequency receiver that receives 10 Hz to 15 kHz.

This receiver is ideal for listening to "Whistlers", "Tweeks", the "Dawn Chorus" and other natural radio signals from planet Earth. These naturally occuring radio signals are due to lightning strikes and the sun as it affects the earth's magnetic field. Some of these signals sound very unusual, almost like birds chirping in the distance.

The Earth Monitor features a remote field probe antenna for optimum reception. The remote probe is inserted into the ground for grounding. The top end of the probe comes with a wire spool where up to 20 feet of antenna wire can be unreeled for maximum se nsitivity. It also includes a variable frequency bandpass filter that tunes 200 Hz to 8 kHz and a 300 Hz high pass filter for elimination of 60 Hz related interference and noise. The Bandpass Filter has both sharp (Hi-Q) and broad (lo-Q) bandwidth settin gs. Headphone and record outputs are included. Battery operation requires 6 AAA batteries. The remote field probe antenna comes with 20 feet of cable. A demonstration cassette is also included. This cassette provides additional tips and suggestions on using the Earth Monitor. It also provides a variety of sound bytes to familiarize the new listener to the sounds of natural radio.

Please note that this type of monitoring requires that the Earth Monitor be used away from 50/60 Hz power lines. The Earth Monitor is very sensit ive and the radiated energy from power lines will be received if the distance between the receiver and the power lines is not sufficient. Usually it is best to operate the Earth Monitor at least 1/2 to 1 mile from the nearest AC power source. This restricts the use of the monitor to rural areas, although some large city parks can also be relatively quiet. The Earth Monitor is ideal for traveling where the opportunity for quiet monitoring can be realized.

For a wealth of information regarding ELF/VLF monitoring and other related products, please see the excellent web site of Stephen McGreevy

Price: $145.00
Shipping and Handling in North America: $7.00
Shipping and Handling outside North America will depend on location. Please contact Kiwa for details.

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