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Pocket Loop

The Kiwa Pocket Loop is the ideal travel companion for those who require a loop antenna for on the go!

The antenna is normally operated with the front panel tilted upward to facilitate tuning and to gain access to the bandswitch.
The image on the right shows the Pocket Loop collapsed and ready for transport.

The Kiwa Pocket Loop is a 12.5 inch air-core loop antenna that collapses to fit in your pocket! The antenna is designed to enhance the MW and SW reception of portable receivers. The tuning range is from 530 kHz to 23 MHz in four bands using a battery powered low noise amplifier. No direct connection to the receiver is required. Instead, a special coupler is simply slipped over the whip antenna for improved reception. For enhanced MW reception, the coupler is placed near the internal ferrite bar antenna.

The Pocket Loop includes a broadband noise generator and a noise loop to facilitate tuning. It is not necessary to try and tune the loop with signals that are fluctuating in signal strength. Switching the noise generator ON activates the noise loop while injecting a broadband noise signal into the main loop. The main loop is then tuned for maximum noise output at the desired frequency.

The Pocket Loop also has a direct output for receivers that have an external antenna input.This direct output is a high impedance output which will connect well with portable receivers. It will also connect well with table top receivers at the high impedance antenna input used for long wires. (The Pocket Loop is not capable of driving a 50 Ohm antenna input.)

Several portable receivers were used in the design of the Pocket Loop. However, the primary design receiver was the Sony ICF 2010/2001D. This is an excellent portable known for its sensitivity and low level signal performance. For MW reception, the coupler is simply placed above the LCD display. A weak signal that only lights the first or second LED will increase to the 7-8th LED using the Pocket Loop. Similar performance can be gained for SW when using the coupler on the whip antenna.

It is important to point out that the coupler will only accommodate whip antennas where the end cap is no wider than 3/8 inch or 9.5 mm in diameter. At the present time, we are aware of two receivers that present a problem. These are the Drake SW-8 and Grundig 700 receivers. Both of these receivers have end caps that are 1/2 inch or 12.5 mm in diameter making use of the coupler impossible.

Tuning Range

Band 1: 530 kHz to 1800 kHz

Band 2: 1.8 MHz to 7 MHz

Band 3: 5 to 20 MHz

Band 4: 18 to 23 MHz

The Pocket Loop is powered by a 9 volt alkaline battery. Power consumption is extremely low, drawing only 12ma. As a comparison, the Radio Shack active tuned whip antenna draws 27ma. A 9 volt AC adaptor (120VAC) is also available for extended listening.

Note to travelers and backpackers:The Pocket Loop weighs 13 oz or 368 grams (battery installed) which is typically less than most portables.

Chassis dimensions: 3 in (7.5 cm) x 4.5 in (11.5 cm) x 2.25 in (5.5 cm) When the antenna is collapsed the overall dimensions are 4.0 in (10 cm) x 4.5 in (11.5 cm) x 3.5 in (9 cm)

Output Connector: phono jack - used for the Coupler and for direct cable connection to the receiver.

Pocket Loop next to a set of keys to show size comparison.

Price: $195.00

Shipping and Handling in North America $8.00

Airmail shipping costs outside North America will depend on the location. Please contact Kiwa for pricing.

Pocket Loop Accessories

Pocket Loop AC Adaptor
The Pocket Loop AC Adaptor provides DC power to eliminate the 9 volt battery. At this time we can only provide an adaptor for 120 VAC/60 Hz operation.
Price: $14.00

Shipping and Handling if purchased separately from the Pocket Loop: $5.00.

30 Day Trial Guarantee

All orders include a 30 day trial period. If for any reason you are not satisfied, return the antenna within 30 days and your purchase money will be refunded.

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