Personnel certification by Kiwa: equipped for the future

With a personnel certification you prove that you meet the requirements of a standard and that you have the necessary competences. An independent body certificate gives you a competitive advantage over other professionals.

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Field inspections PV systems

Around the globe, we test PV systems according to their performance and uncover faults and give recommendations on how to remedy them. Our experts have the most modern testing equipment and analysis tools at their disposal.

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Lab tests PV equipment

Our laboratories are ISO 17025 accredited. We offer independent testing of PV modules and competent support from our experts. With our wide range of tests on quality criteria and the quality assurance requirements, you get the best possible results.

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Due Diligence PV Systems

Through our experience and knowledge from our factory audits and our laboratory tests, we have developed systematic assessment of key aspects of PV systems for you. Use our expertise to carry out your PV project in the best possible way.

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Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI-T) - Traceability

Unveil the secrets of your supply chain with our Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI-T) - Traceability service. Discover how we ensure the integrity and traceability of your products before they leave the factory floor. Stay ahead in quality and compliance with our expert insights

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Unlock Sustainable Success with SEE-Certification's ESG Audit Services

Experience a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) audit for your company, including an on-site facility assessment. Upon successful completion, you'll be awarded a certificate in line with the Kiwa SEE Sustainability Standard.

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Preliminary Engineering PV systems

Our preliminary engineering services for PV systems support you with feasibility and yield studies. Benefit from our know-how and see to what extent your project can be implemented or where there is potential for improvement.

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Supply Chain Traceability Assessment | Module

Navigate the complexities of your supply chain with our Supply-Chain Traceability Assessment. Gain unparalleled insights into the origins and journey of your products, ensuring transparency and compliance every step of the way.

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ESG 3rd Party Assessment: Comprehensive Compliance and Sustainability Analysis

Deepen your commitment to sustainability with our ESG 3rd Party Assessment. This service offers a meticulous evaluation of your partners' adherence to ESG standards, ensuring alignment with your corporate responsibility goals. Elevate your business practices with our comprehensive, globally-informed assessment, and lead the way in sustainable and ethical business operations.

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ESG Supplier Evaluation Service

Ensure excellence in sustainability with our ESG Supplier Evaluation Service. This service is expertly crafted to provide a thorough assessment of your suppliers against rigorous Environmental, Social, and Governance standards. Enhance your supply chain's compliance, uphold corporate responsibility, and align with global sustainability objectives. Elevate your business practices with a strategic focus on responsible sourcing

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Contracting assistance PV-Equipment

We help you with your contract documents for the procurement of PV equipment. Through our many years of experience, you will benefit from well thought-out supply contracts or we will work with you to develop individual contracts based on your existing documentation. Our support can reduce potential safety, performance and reliability risks.

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Factory audits PV equipment

We audit factories for the manufacture of PV modules, inverters and batteries prior to production. This provides our customers with an independent assessment of quality, reliability and performance in connection with the investment or procurement of PV equipment.

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Production monitoring and inspection PV equipment

We offer in-factory production monitoring and inspection of PV equipment on site. During the manufacturing process, we support our customers in minimising technical risks associated with the production of PV equipment.

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