The main news regarding the conformity confirmation and KTW-BWGL

The most significant change is that for a large number of products a procedure is mentioned in the attestation of conformity to certify them according to the so-called "1+ system". Thus, the requirement in the KTW-BWGL can be met.

System 1+ means: an attestation of conformity based on an initial product test, an initial inspection at the production site and after issuing the attestation of conformity, continuous monitoring and regular tests.

It includes different variants:

  • Variant (A): attestation of conformity based on the 1+ system
  • Variant (B): simplified attestation of conformity (only possible for product groups with a low surface area in contact with drinking water, with a conversion factor of Fc < 0.5 d/dm)

Variant (A), the attestation of conformity based on the 1+ system, already meets today the requirements of an intended future CE marking of your products coming into contact with drinking water. CE marking allows you to introduce your product to the European market.