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Latest News

  • Kiwa present at Intersolar Europe 2021
    17 September 2021

    Kiwa will join Intersolar Europe, world's leading exhibition for the solar industry in Munich, Germany. From 6-8 October we will be presenting our services dedicated to the Renewable Energies market.

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  • Kiwa present at OMC Med Energy Conference and Exhibition 2021
    9 September 2021

    Kiwa will be participating in OMC Med Energy Conference and Exhibition, the leading event in the Mediterranean region for the energy sector, from September 28- 30, in Ravenna, Italy.

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  • Businesses given extra time to apply UKCA marking
    2 September 2021

    The UK government has postponed the requirement for manufacturers to adopt the UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) mark for goods placed in the UK market. Kiwa can advise on this somewhat complex area.

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Latest Stories

  • 2 min
    The new Medical Devices Regulation: improving safety through expert auditing

    From May 2021, new European rules for medical devices (MDR) will apply. The MDR has major impact on the medical sector. It will bring great benefit, but also great challenges for all economic operators involved.

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  • 2 min
    Safe fun at Tusenfryd

    Safety comes first at Tusenfryd, one of Norway's largest amusement parks, with approximately 500,000 visitors annually. Every spring, just before the season opens, all amusement park rides are inspected by Kiwa.

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  • 2 min
    Spectacular celebrations: how professional pyrotechnicians keep fireworks safe

    New Year’s Eve, concerts, bonfire night: many celebrations bring with them spectacular fireworks displays. Certified pyrotechnics expert Ron de Koster makes sure fireworks go off safely.

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