• Hermijntje Drenth

    Meet Hermijntje Drenth (26): finished 2 degrees in Vitality & Ageing and Management, Policy-analysis and Entrepeneurship in Health & Life Sciences . Currently still active as a research assistent, she aims to improve the health sector, specifically elderly care. She started rowing in 2014 and her favorite rowing memories include all the international training camps and tournaments.

  • Elsbeth Beeres

    Meet Elsbeth Beeres (24): started rowing to get to know people in Amsterdam, and climbed up the ladder quickly to the U23 W4- in 2017. Winning Henley royal regatta in 2017 is her most memorable rowing moment and besides a good paddle, she loves to climb trees. A big dream of hers is to build a place for communal living

  • Dieuwertje den Besten

    Dieuwertje den Besten (23): when she started studying Industrial Design Engineering in Delft, she quickly became acquainted with the rowing sport. After the fun & games of her freshman year, she progressed to the U23 selection and to the national team from there. Her most fun rowing memory is winning silver at the U23 World Championship in Poznań, because they had no expectations and did really well!

  • Karien Robbers

    Meet Karien Robbers (27) : she started rowing as a junior at rowing club Die Leythe , did her bachelors in Cognitive Science and finished her masters in Health Sciences with a specialization in infectious diseases. Soon she was invited for the national team after winning medals at the junior and U23 level. One of her favorite rowing memories is the mixed double sculls sprint she won with brother Freek Robbers.

  • Diewke Fetter

    Diewke Fetter (29) : during her studies in International Business & Management, she rolled into rowing. The national team needed a substitute coxswain for a weekend. That was her first encounter with the national team. A few weeks later, she was able to race in a second eight of the national team. After the race, she got invited to take part in the selection of the team.

  • Tinka Offereins

    Meet Tinka Offereins (27): finished her bachelors in Physical Education and obtained her masters in Human Movement Sciences. Looking for a new challenge after she was injured in her previous sport, track and field, she fell for rowing through Project2020, which was also supported by Kiwa. Her favorite rowing memories include rowing in Shanghai, Henley & Boston. Rowing is a great way to see more of the word!

  • Tessa Dullemans

    Tessa Dullemans (23) : finished her bachelors in civil engineering last year. She started rowing after watching the 2016 Olympics and her dad told her it might be something for her. Besides rowing she loves to bake, which makes the team very happy when she shows up with post-practice baked goods

  • Aletta Jorritsma

    Meet Aletta Jorritsma (31) : after she started rowing in her second year of studying Media & Culture in Amsterdam, she soon progressed to the national team after the London Olympics. Her favorite rowing memory goes back to the World Cup in Linz, where the Dutch women won the W8+. Other international tournaments like the Windermere Cup and the Rio Janeiro Olympics can’t be excluded from this list.