Boilers come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to the originally gas boilers, new hydrogen boilers and blended versions have also appeared on the market due to the energy transition we are currently in. If you wish to launch your specific boiler on the European or worldwide market, you must have production control and a certificate issued by an independent accredited authority. Wall hanging or floor standing boilers and water heaters also have to be tested according to the Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR). In that case Kiwa is your go-to partner for boiler testing and certification


For whom?

If you are a producer, supplier, manufacturer, importer, retailer or marketer of boilers and wish to test or certify your boiler to comply with the GAR, BED,  the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and/or the EMC Directive (EMCD) by an EN17025 accredited laboratory, Kiwa is your partner. When your boiler meets the certification requirements, your boiler receives a test certificate.

Hydrogen and blended boilers

Blending hydrogen into the natural gas network is a pragmatic way to quickly make a big step in the CO2 reduction goals. This asks for new central heating boilers which are able to process the mixture of gas and hydrogen. We can help you to get your blended boiler tested and certified. With our investments in hydrogen laboratories, Kiwa wants to contribute to the safe application of hydrogen in the context of the necessary transition to a more sustainable energy supply. We made a similar contribution in the switch from city gas to natural gas in the 1960s. This makes us a sustainable partner that contributes to the transition to increasingly cleaner energy supplies on the basis of high-quality knowledge. As a next step we are already testing 100% hydrogen boilers. During the examination in the boiler certification trajectory the entire hydrogen chain is taken into account. 

Our services in the field of boilers