Wireless Functionalities

Within the electronic equipment market, the wireless technologies segment is rapidly expanding. Every day new products and systems are being developed. Most regulatory authorities in the world have their national requirements in place for radio, telecom, and ITE devices. This means EU or FCC compliance is not necessarily sufficient to bring your product to the global market.

Before introducing your wireless communication, ITE and electrical and electronic domestic and commercial use products to the market, they need to be Tested, Approved, and Certified to ensure the quality, including safety to the individual country’s requirement.

How can Kiwa help?

With our Global Regulatory Expertise, Certification Expertise and Testing Expertise, we provide a world-class one-stop-shop solution for Testing, Approval and Certification of your wireless communication, ITE and electrical and electronic domestic and commercial use products. We work with customers globally for Global Market Access for their products. Our team of regulatory experts offers support for over 220 countries and territories worldwide, and with a proven track record of excellent lead-times, cost efficiency, clear visibility and dedicated support for our customers we ensure that your Testing, Certification and Type Approval process is smooth and hassle-free.

We have access to an accredited lab according to ISO/IEC 17025 offering RF, EMC and Safety Testing of wireless electronic equipment to the following requirements:

  • EU RE-D
  • Canada ISED
  • Japan MIC

We are also an accredited Certification Body to EN 17065, offering certification services for electronic equipment and wireless technology.

At Kiwa, we also specialise in the international Type Approval (ITA) of wireless communication, ITE and electrical and electronic domestic and commercial use products, with offices in the UK, The Netherlands, China (including Taiwan) we offer gobal support.

Global services in the field of Wireless Functionalities

  • Radio techniques are being increasingly deployed in virtually any application area. Whether it concerns cordless telephony, wireless movement detectors, Wi-Fi adapters, toys, remote controls, Bluetooth® peripherals, VHF-transceivers, anti-collision radars and so on, radio technology is inevitable in our modern world.
  • Regulatory compliance advice for global market access
  • Regulatory intelligence for global market access
  • Radio (RF), Telecom, ITE Type Approval services, Regulatory Consulting and Research
  • There are a number of key countries in the world who have specific EMC, Safety and/or RoHS compliance schemes in place, and whereby EU or FCC compliance would not suffice. Where there is such a requirement in place - PCS can support.