20 September 2015

Brand new: Quality Quarterly, the magazine to improve your business

What defines quality? How do you make sure you deliver it? Our brand new Quality Quarterly magazine (QQ for short) provides answers to improve your business.

Quality Quarterly answers questions about quality, safety, health and (social) responsibility. It is meant for all Kiwa relations, particularly those involved in (quality) management. QQ  replaces our former customer relations magazine, the Kiwa Magazine.

First issue next Wednesday 

The first issue of Quality Quarterly will be sent out next Wednesday, September 23, 2015. An online edition will be available as well. Regular updates on quality issues and upcoming QQ editions can be found on the QQ Twitter account, @QualityQuarter and by signing up for the free QQ digital news letter .

Read more about Quality QuarterlyOr have a look at the first edition of our new customer magazine.