15 December 2017

Discover Santa's magic in QQ!

Each year on 24 December, one man begins an unimaginable logistics challenge: he has 31 hours to deliver presents to 2 billion children around the world. But his impact is much wider: he instills good behavior, kindness and generosity, which have become hallmarks of the festive season.

We owe our bearded friend in his characteristic red garments a lot. With strong values, an iconic brand, a commitment to generosity, hard work and just a sprinkle of magic, Santa Claus makes Christmas what it is today.

But who exactly is this mysterious benefactor? In the newest Quality Quarterly, you’re offered all the answers in a one-of-a-kind review. It reveals where and when Santa was born, how his career developed over centuries, how he came to be who he is today and even where he lives (on the North Pole of course – you knew it, didn’t you?).

So, want to know it all? Have a look at this festive edition of Quality Quarterly, which of course offers many more to read during your Christmas holidays.


Experience Quality Quarterly December 2017

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