27 June 2017

How a simple solution could fight an ocean of waste – and more

In the July 2017 issue of Quality Quarterly we dive into the ocean to see why quality is so important for plastics, and we take a look at how our gas networks might be used following the energy transition. Through in-depth interviews with architect Thomas Rau and Kiwa’s partners from award-winning chocolate producer Pacari, we explore different aspects of sustainability and look at the role of certification. How can corporate social responsibility help build trust and show progress?

Quality customer: Grupo Angel Camacho

How does a food company ensure high quality throughout the supply chain? In this issue, Juan Camacho Bilbao of Spanish olive production and packaging company Grupo Angel Camacho tells us how he is working with Kiwa to make sure more than 2,000 suppliers meet food safety requirements. Read his story >>

Our waste plastic is collecting in enormous floating garbage patches in the oceans, putting marine life at risk. Young entrepreneur Boyan Slat has a simple solution – and the ambition to make it happen. How does he propose to fix this seemingly insurmountable problem, and what will he do with all the plastic? Find out here >>

Taste the quality of Pacari chocolate

For the second time in Quality Quarterly, we look at what makes Kiwa TIC – how one of our customers puts our Testing, Inspection or Certification services to good use. In this issue, we get a taste for Pacari’s award-winning chocolate, made using certified organic cacao beans. Read about the certified organic chocolate >>

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As always, there’s plenty more for you to read in this issue of Quality Quarterly – published June 28, 2017. With expert opinions, stories from companies around the world and the latest Kiwa news, QQ aims to inspire and help you improve quality, safety, health and (social) responsibility in your own organization. Do you value these topics, or are you involved in (quality) management? Then QQ is for you!

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