Interview with Francesco Rossi, Kiwa Italy marketing and communications

We talk to Kiwa’s Francesco Rossi about marketing, working internationally and why integration is so important.

What’s your background?

“I studied linguistics at college for five years: French, English and German. French is my first foreign language. After that, I studied management and marketing in Bologna, my city, and I joined the Erasmus project in Paris – it was a really exciting experience. I like Europe, and for me, Erasmus was the right way to get to know different cultures and make some friends out of my own borders. I had this international experience at university, and now at Kiwa, so the story continues.”

Tell us about your job. What’s your average day like?

“It’s 360-degree marketing. I work on fairs and exhibitions and on the digital side of marketing, so on the website and service portal, and on external communication through social media – Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. I also support internal communications.”

“Social media is always a work in progress. We started more or less three years ago, but I think the market now is responding very well. I create a weekly schedule of content, sharing important information from Kiwa, and promoting our products and services.”

“I also run campaigns – we’ve done two big social media campaigns in the last two years that did very well because the content was useful and interesting for our customers. A successful campaign is not about talking about the business, but about tapping into information in the market and connecting with customers about what they’re interested in. I think we have a great future on social media, especially if we continue to keep a customer-focus in our campaigns.”

What do you like about your work, and what do you find challenging?

“In my working day, I do thousands of things, I see hundreds of services and I study them every day to make sure I can present them to the public in the right way. Fairs take a lot of work – it can be two years of preparation for one event. In those two years, I need to prepare everything: build the booth, make bookings for Italian and international colleagues, and plan and manage all communications, from printed brochures and flyers to videos on screens.”

What excites you about Kiwa in the future?

“I think social media will grow a lot in the coming years – we have to pay a lot of attention to social media trends, and we need to make sure we’re running projects in the right way. More generally, Kiwa is a growing company, and I see it becoming much bigger in the coming years – eventually one of the top five testing, inspection and certification companies in the world.”

What would you say to someone looking to work in a similar position to yours?

“It’s difficult work – it’s like doing a tough workout every day, because you have to pay a lot of attention to everyone, across every service. But it’s exciting work; one of the most exciting things is the way we work so internationally. Working in marketing means a continuously changing and improving life – there are new trends every day – and that’s not just for Kiwa, but every marketer in the world. You need to update your thinking and approaches continuously. You also need to try new things every day, and try out new ways to communicate about Kiwa externally – it’s a great adventure.”

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