14 March 2016

Out now: Quality Quarterly of March 2016

A new edition of our Quality Quarterly magazine (QQ for short) is out now! In this issue, we show you – among other things – how you can develop quality staff; we give you five valuable tips to have qualified and experienced employees take your business to the next level. At the same time, value your customer: four experts share their views on how to objectively measure customer centricity. A portrait of Dutch and European politician Neelie Kroes reveals her eagerness to create a free and fair internet for all. And with spring and summer approaching, we open the door of your possible hotel room to see how hotels make sure you’re comfortable and how you could use their insights in your business. So, this QQ will help you improve quality, safety, health and (social) responsibility in your own organisation. The magazine is intended for all Kiwa relations and those involved in (quality) management in particular.


This March edition of Quality Quarterly appeared on Tuesday, March 15, 2016. Experience this QQ edition here! Regular updates on quality issues and upcoming QQ editions can be found on the QQ Twitter account, @QualityQuarter and by signing up for the free QQ newsletter.

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