21 September 2016

Out now: Quality Quarterly of September 2016

A new edition of our Quality Quarterly magazine (QQ for short) is out now! As always, QQ focuses on quality. But what exactly is that? Four experts share their view to help you define what quality is all about. A certificate for your products or services helps to prove its quality standards – and it makes money along the way; see how to do that! We also take a look at how industry leaders work their magic. If, for example, you ever wanted to play the piano, Steinway’s innovative approach comes in handy. And if you fancy an Apple device and buy it at an Apple store, you’re most certainly enjoying Senior Vice President Angela Ahrendts’ intuitive approach. And there’s much more to explore in this issue.

So, there is once again enough to read in Quality Quarterly that can be of interest to you and helps you improve quality, safety, health and (social) responsibility in your own organisation along the way. The magazine is intended for all Kiwa relations and those involved in (quality) management in particular.

Experience this edition!

This September edition of Quality Quarterly appeared on Thursday, September 22, 2016. Experience this QQ edition here! Regular updates on quality issues and QQ editions can be found on the QQ Twitter account, @QualityQuarter and by signing up for the free QQ newsletter.

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