18 September 2017

How quality can make or break a building boom - and more

In the October 2017 issue of Quality Quarterly we get a bird's eye view of the global construction industry, looking at why quality is critical in a building boom, and how lifting and transport giant Mammoet tackles giant projects. Tie-loathing entrepreneur Richard Branson reveals how taking a gamble helped him build a cross-industry empire, and Kiwa's renewed chemical testing lab opens its doors to show us how state-of-the-art techniques are saving customers time - and money.

Quality Quarterly October 2017

Quality customer: M-Files Corporation

How does a digital software company show its security is high quality enough to protect customers' files? In this issue, Miika Mãkitalo, CEO of Finnish-based M-Files Corporation, tells us how working with Kiwa auditors on the ISO 27001 cloud quality standard helps give the company a competitive edge. Read his story

How does Mammoet save its customers time and ensure high quality?

With a fleet of 1,250 cranes, lifting and transport company Mammoet has worked on record-breaking projects for the petrol, power, offshore, mining and civil engineering sectors. But it isn't just massive machines the company has to thank for its success: Mammoet relies on skilled employees, works closely with customers and prioritizes safety. How does the company use these four dimensions of quality to ensure excellence? Find out here

In this issue of Quality Quarterly, we take another look at what makes Kiwa TIC - how a recently renewed chemical testing lab is using state-of-the-art techniques to analyze a range of materials. Taking services in-house, the lab is using the latest technology to cut delivery time and lower costs for customers. Read about the renewed lab here

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As always, there's plenty more for you to read in this issue of Quality Quarterly - published September 20, 2017. With expert opinions, stories from companies around the world and the latest Kiwa news, QQ aims to inspire and help you improve quality, safety, health and (social) responsibility in your own organization. Do you value these topics, or are you involved in (quality) management? Then QQ is for you!