The registration of gas accidents and incidents is also an important task for us. The records we keep are used to carry out annual trend analyses, the results of which are reported to the Dutch network operators.

Kiwa Technology also arranges the publication of the records for the purpose of sharing knowledge on safety and to provide additional guarantees for the reliability of the Dutch gas network.

Kiwa Technology investigates the technical causes of gas incidents and the underlying (organisational) reasons.

  • We possess extensive laboratory facilities as well as the expertise and experience required for carrying out in-depth technical research of components and materials from gas pipelines and installations.
  • We use the Tripod-B system for analysing barrier failures, circumstances and the primary and underlying causes transparently and accurately.
  •  Our hands-on experience enables us to conduct interviews effectively with people from all layers of the organisations concerned. Our recommendations are underpinned by theory and pragmatic by nature.
  • The 24-hour call-out service is available day and night for investigating incidents  
  • If investigation is required, we analyse whether the accident/incident is caused by the actions of the network operator first. 
  • If necessary, we carry out a follow-up investigation of the technical and/or organisational causes of the incident.

The aim of incident investigation

For network operators, the aim of investigating incidents focuses on learning from accidents, not on finding out who is to blame. Kiwa Technology also carries out incident investigations, damage analyses and second opinion evaluations on request for the competent authorities (e.g. the police), industrial companies and insurance companies.

Target group

  • Pipeline management authority
  • Pipeline operator
  • Gas network operator
  • Responsible gas installation contractor
  • Gas network administration department
  • Asset manager
  • Asset specialist
  • Risk specialist
  • HSE manager
  • HSE specialist