Adhesive research, testing and analysis:

  • Categorisation of failure modes
  • Examination of adhesive interfaces
  • Visualisation of failure mode
  • Determination of VOC
  • Surface analysis
  • Peel testing, tensile testing, shear testing, flexural testing, chemical resistance testing, release force testing, performance testing at high and low temperatures
  • Independent arbitrations
  • Consultancy with respect to specifications and requirements for specific applications
  • Material selections
  • Inspections and guidance

Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) - Hot melts - rubber to metal bonding - structural adhesives for plastics, wood, metals, GRP, glass - bio adhesives - renewable source adhesives - acrylics - polyurethanes - isocyanates - epoxies - phenolics - moisture cure - UV cure - Adhesives for building materials

The users and applicators of adhesives.

For independent evaluations of adhesive product performance.

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For approvals and certification of adhesives we will bring you into contact with the specific certification department of Kiwa.