The aerosol fire extinguishing system is designed as local application system in following enclosures.

  • Switch boards
  • Computers
  • Distribution boards

All based on a standardised layout for detection and extinguishment.

The aerosol fire extinguishing system installation method shall be described in the supplier's manual. The supplier shall instruct contractors on design, installation, commissioning and servicing. For an integral safety concept, training shall be provided in combination with this BRL.
System components shall be designed in accordance with IEC 60721-3-1 and IEC 60721-3-2 and tested in accordance with 60721-4-1 and IEC 60721-4-2, in order to be stored and transported without any changes to their properties or lifespan.

Application is primarily intended for objects that are not occupied by people and can be defined as "unoccupied space".

Who for?
Fire detection companies, System administrators.

Objects with a high risk of fire
The BRL K21014 Aerosol fire extinguishing systems with wireless communication to alarm management system describes the performance requirements and product requirements for the product and outlines requirements for the company’s quality management system.

Certification process
Certification of your company based on BRL-K21014 starts with an application, after which you receive a fee proposal. You can enter into a certification agreement with Kiwa based on this fee proposal. An independent acceptance assessment will then start. Kiwa assesses whether the criteria for certification are met after a thorough and independent acceptance audit. Certification follows upon a positive audit outcome. However, if non-compliances are identified, you shall rectify these first.

After the initial certification, annual inspections are conducted to establish that the certified processes and completed works continue to comply with the requirements of the 'BRL K21014 for aerosol fire extinguishing systems comprising an alarm management system with wireless communication for ‘at the source’ fire protection in enclosures containing electrical components’.

Certified companies
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Why Kiwa NCP?
Kiwa NCP is a leading certification body for the certification (accreditation) of fire protection and security companies, also called Fire Safety & Security (FSS).

Kiwa NCP is an independent Certification Body that determines whether a company meets the quality requirements. A Kiwa NCP Certificate provides the occupant with a well-founded confidence in the quality of the certified company and its services, such as testing, commissioning and maintaining systems.