The main objective of a gaseous fire extinguishing system is to prevent fire damage to your equipment or business process. After all, prolonged failures of computer systems or business processes negatively affect your business continuity. Additionally, minimising environmental damage would be of great importance in chemical storage facilities.

Gaseous fire extinguishing systems are installed within the framework of NEN-EN 15004 and NFPA 2001. These standards outline that the duration of extinguishment shall be determined for proper system operation. Demonstration of the room’s air tightness shall be part of the final inspection process. Nowadays, real life tests of gaseous fire extinguishing systems using inert and chemical agents are no longer carried out, however, life tests are still mandatory for CO2 fire extinguishing systems in compliance with the standards. For a life test to be successful, the air tightness of the space is often measured prior to the test.

Assessment of a space’s air permeability is an important factor for effective protection. The air permeability test, using a door fan test, provides sufficient information regarding the duration of gaseous agent concentration relative to the highest location of the fire risk inside the space.
In addition to air permeability testing of a room during commissioning, the test can also be conducted periodically. Air permeability test results quantify the protection duration in the space as well as the time period during which fire cannot re-ignite. Kiwa R2B can conduct this test and prepare an air permeability test report for you. Following components are assessed during the test:

  • Situation and/or location of the space in the relevant building section
  • Leak-tightness of the space
  • Locations of leaks in the space, illustrated in the report by photos

Duration of inert and chemical gaseous agents

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