Kiwa Gastec's Air Quality team advises the manufacturing, healthcare and transport sectors on improving air quality and meeting legislative requirements. 

We can provide you with:

  • Air quality impact assessments for transport developments
  • Air quality impact assessments for fixed processes with emissions to air
  • Low emissions strategies for transport schemes
  • Emissions abatement advice and emissions reduction strategies
  • Specification advice and project management for stack emission testing
  • ADMS Dispersion modelling for highways and industrial sources
  • Emissions inventories
  • Ambient air quality monitoring and assessments of source impacts on ambient air quality
  • Dust monitoring and construction dust impact assessments
  • Carbon/Greenhouse Gas assessments
  • Advice on policy and strategy for Clean Air Zones or other interventions to improve air quality
  • Research collaboration in air quality field studies
  • Expert witness support for planning inquiries
  • Assessments for the Medium Combustion Plant Directive

Kiwa’s staff have a long history of technical service and offering expertise in this area. From achieving the first accredited mobile emissions monitoring service through to offering high level consultancy on air quality impacts of significant energy and infrastructure projects as well as supporting civic authorities in developing strategies to improve air qualities. Some examples of projects our staff have executed include:

Carbon emissions verification – UAE – A four year programme to verify the carbon emissions from a group of refineries and production facilities and energy plant. This work built on our long heritage as a UKAS accredited carbon verifier under the EU ETS.

Road transport infrastructure - Detailed air quality assessment to support the business case, showing that new road construction would improve air quality in CC’s Air Quality Management Areas.

Rail infrastructure – provision of a range of service from setting AQ policy, codes of practice for construction works etc

AQ studies for proposed energy and refinery projects.

Transport Scotland – Review of A9 – Luncarty to Pass 

Airports - Consultancy advice on managing Environmental Permit compliance and AQ input to GHG reduction feasibility project.