In many cases, independent advice is needed in order to determine the cause of the damage. As a result, the costs of the damage can be recovered from the correct party and similar faults can be avoided in the future.

Primarily network operators and insurers, but also government organisations such as the Ministry of Justice can commission Kiwa Technology to draw up an independent analysis of the damage.

Damage analysis is required in the event of damage or other technical problems where the party or event causing the damage is not clear. Kiwa Technology can conduct an independent investigation in order to identify the cause of the damage.

In the initial instance, Kiwa Technology will collect information on the case of damage. The next action is to draw up a step-by-step plan in order to analyse the specific case of damage as effectively as possible. One of these approaches is desk research. In addition, we have a fully equipped laboratory at our disposal where a test set-up can be subjected to trials.

Residual quality assessment

An incidental case of damage may indicate that the heat energy distribution network is nearing the end of its service life in a number of locations. Once the cause of the damage has been identified, comparable parts of the network that have not yet failed can be investigated and analysed. The laboratory where these analyses are performed is equipped for chemical and physical analyses, mechanical tests and microscopic analysis. The results of the analysis help to clarify whether more cases of damage can be expected in the future and indicate whether or not possible early replacement of parts of the network is justified.