This is the only way of ensuring that choices are based on facts and guaranteeing optimum management of your pipelines. Risk Based Asset Management (RBAM) is a tried and tested method. RBAM gives you a better view of the quality and performance of your operating assets and allows you to take action in order to manage risks.

Kiwa Technology can offer support to operators of pipelines such as gas distribution companies, water boards and heat energy companies when implementing RBAM.

NTA 8000 technical agreement 

The Dutch decree on external pipeline safety (Besluit externe veiligheid buisleidingen or Bevb) imposes obligations on operators of pipelines for transporting hazardous substances. Pipeline operators must be able to demonstrate compliance with the technical and organizational duties of care. The methodology of the NTA 8000 technical agreement makes this concrete and is accepted by the inspectors of the Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment (VROM).

Even if there are no mandatory requirements, using a structured approach for asset management is very much to be advised. It is, for example, an excellent way of operating a process of continuous improvement within your organization. Kiwa Technology can help you with this.

Steps to implement structured asset management

If you want to make improvements, the first thing you need to know is where your strengths and weaknesses lie. This is why the advisory process generally starts with a GAP analysis. This analysis identifies the extent to which your company-specific Risk Management System complies with the requirements of the relevant standard (e.g. the NTA 8000 standard). After completion, we can provide targeted advice on improvement actions and implementation thereof. Even if you comply with the standard, we can help you to develop your RBAM further.

Experience and Knowledge

The NTA 8000 method is new, so we cannot name any reference projects as yet. Kiwa Technology does have a great deal of experience with NTA 8120 and PAS 55, which are related standards. Kiwa Technology has proven its added value in coordinating and guiding the introduction, assessment and/or improvement of the Risk Management system and RBAM system in projects with several network companies.