Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors

The BDA Agrément® forms the assessment part of the new Kiwa BDA Certification scheme and covers usually the following aspects:

  • Conditions of use
  • Frame of reference, including standards, relevant codes of practice and test reports
  • Independently verified product characteristics
  • Factory production control
  • Annual verification procedure
  • Points of attention for the specifier and specific details
  • Installation procedure
  • Compliance with Building Regulations and any other required standards
  • Boundaries of use (restriction to geographical scope)
  • Validity aspects

In the document common major points of assessment relate to thermal performance, structural performance (e.g. wind-uplift resistance), condensation and water penetration risk, behaviour in relation to fire, durability and other aspects, depending on the product or kit which has been assessed in relation to specific standards. The BDA Agrément® is issued by ECBE (Expert Centre Building Envelope) and signed by the Chairman and/or the responsible Assessor. The BDA Agrément® is authorized by the technical director of BDA Advies. A BDA Agrément® can be linked to a Kiwa Certificate, but only if the BDA Agrément® relates to a product and its geographical scope does not cover The Netherlands.

As of January 1, 2015 , the Dutch interpretation of the CPR maintained by the ILT. Most importantly, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors the essential characteristics resulting from the annex ZA of the harmonized product standard should communicate through the DoP.

All BDA Agréments® will need to be revised on the above aspects. The current BDA Agréments® which the above concerns are therefore repealed on December 31, 2014.

List of English BDA Agréments