Explanation & work method

Investing in sustainable products is the prerequisite, but targeted maintenance is the foundation that eventually allows you to meet your sustainability targets.NEN 2767 is the objective measuring method for determining the condition of buildings and building sections.

The BDA Condition Measuring Method is based on NEN 2767 ‘Condition measurement for buildings and building installations’ and is specifically developed for flat roofs, based on many years of experience in the field of roof management, maintenance and material inspections, which sets it apart from regular software programs.

Based on the BDA Condition Measuring Method, the roofing material in the roof area and the detailing are inspected and a condition score is given for each individual part.The condition measuring method distinguishes between primary and secondary defects, making it possible to quickly ascertain which measures are required to extend the roof’s service life.

By periodically performing the condition measurement, for example once every three years, a clear picture will be obtained of the degeneration process of the applied materials, resulting in a reliable estimation of the roof’s remaining service life.As a result, optimum use is made of your investment and the economic life span of the roof is extended.

In collaboration with similar specialised consultancy departments of Kiwa, BDA Dakadvieshas special software to determine the condition of your building.