To be able to help you with this, the roofs will have to be inspected on site.Initially, the current condition of the roofing construction will have to be determined.Apart from a visual assessment, one or more incisions are made in order to determine the composition of the roof, the quality and the condition of the various material layers and the fastening method.In addition to the visual assessment, the materials can be analysed at the KIWA BDA Testing laboratory, allowing an accurate estimation to be made about the remaining service life.

If your roof needs renovation, we can advise you about the required measures and the possibilities available to energetically optimise the current roofing construction.To optimise the comfort and indoor climate of the building, an assessment can be performed to see if a different composition of the roof, the use of insulation materials or the application of other waterproof finishes may offer an improvement, always paying attention to the balance between required investments and the ultimate efficiency.A BDA Roof Recommendation is the most extensive type of inspection and report.Apart from recording the relevant information about the project, a more extensive inspection is performed and the inspection results are analysed.This type of inspection and report is the most suitable type if there are several stakeholders that have to be extensively informed about the status of the roof.A BDA Roof Consultation has a simpler structure, both in terms of the inspection and the type of report.
There is also the option to contribute to a cleaner environment by installing solar energy systems that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions, or by creating a rooftop garden, for example, to capture particulate matter, to limit the ‘heat island’ effect and to optimise biodiversity in city centres.For you, the principal, this also has advantages.BDA employs a number of specialists who can also support you during this process.
The results of the inspection are recorded in a report, supplemented by a photographic report.The recommendations relating to the maintenance to be performed are brought in line with the requirements laid down in the Buildings Decree and the relevant NEN(-EN) standards and guidelines.