If you want to participate in the Better Life label scheme, you must apply with the BLK foundation first. Are you a livestock farmer? In this case, application is done via a so-called chain director. This is usually your egg packing station, slaughterhouse, cutting pant or meat processing plant. As soon as the BLK foundation has approved your application, we can plan the certification inspection.

Click here for the criteria for the various quality marks/labels.

Click here for the register of primary companies (Dutch). 

Click here for the register of slaughterhouses, packing stations, cutting plants, retail and processing sectors (Dutch).


For primary companies who wish to participate in the Better Life quality scheme, it is a condition that the company operates are part of a chain and participates in a private quality system such as IKB. We arrange inspections as efficiently as possible, and where possible we perform  "combi visits". This means that compliance with various quality systems can be inspected in a single visit (IKB, Varken van Morgen, KAT etc.)

Please contact us for more information and the current fees.