The specific exclusion of equipment used within the industrial and industrial sectors, refers solely to the gas machinery located within a company and whose use is part of the company's production activity (for example a spray booth if painting is business activity). While those that are not part of the company's specific activity (for example the gas equipment of the company canteen) are included in the certification obligation.

The Efficiency Directive 92/42 / EEC concerns hot water boilers fueled by gaseous or liquid fuels with a nominal power equal to or higher than 4 kW and less than 400 kW.

In any case, Kiwa Italia is also available to analyze equipment that does not fall under the GAR Regulation or under the Returns Directive and estimate whether these meet the minimum safety or performance requirements of the Directives themselves. The certification pursuant to the GAR Regulations and the Returns Directive must be completely performed by the third party (Notified Body) and involves the availability of laboratory tests on the product prototype and the subsequent annual production surveillance that the manufacturer decides to have carried out in agreement to the various "modules" provided for by the Directives. 

The tests for verification of compliance with the GAR Rules include combustion tests with different types of gas (based on customer requirements - countries of destination of the appliance) as well as recalling parts of other Directives (Returns and Electrical). The tests for the verification of compliance with the Directive 92/42 / EEC provide for the measurement of the efficiency of the boiler in different working conditions (nominal and partial load), so as to verify compliance with the limits imposed by the directive itself.

The Kiwa Italia laboratories are equipped to perform all these tests for the customer. Kiwa technicians also, thanks to their many years of experience, are qualified and experienced in the gasmpur sector, maintaining the flexible and rapid approach to the various solutions, typical of the philosophy of Kiwa Italia. The main equipment that Kiwa Italia tests in its laboratories are the following: Wall and floor boilers, Water heaters, Hot air generators, Fan coils, Gas steam generators, Radiating tapes, Luminous heat diffusers with gas, Blown air burners , Equipment for catering, Equipment for domestic cooking, Barbecues, Gas appliances for camping, Gas refrigerators, Gas washing machines, Gas ironing machines, Calenders.

Main tests performed
The tests carried out in our laboratories follow the technical standards such as EN 483, EN 297, EN 30, EN 298, EN 203 and include:

  • Thermal flow;
  • CO and NOx emissions;
  • temperatures;
  • yields;
  • Combustion;
  • Protection against environmental influences (flame control boards);
  • Protection against internal faults (flame control cards);
  • Mechanical resistance (gas pipes);
  • Seal (ball valves);
  • Material analysis (gas pipes);
  • Resistance to aging (gas pipes);
  • SW analysis of control (flame control boards).