Through the years we seen many different gas-fired appliances, among these are barbecue’s, patio heaters and central heating boilers (just to mention a few), and have advised on their compliance with the appropriate European Directives.

The Boiler Efficiency Directive 92/42/EEC (BED) - this applies to gas-fired central heating boilers from 4 to 400 kW is one of the most common Directives we test and certify against. Since September 26th 2015 the European Commision Regulation No 813/2013 came into force which replaces the BED.

Manufacturers, importers, marketers bringing a central heating boiler to the European market.

As manufacturer or importer you have to show and declare compliance with the BED by means of an EC type examination certificate and a demonstrably valid product(ion) surveillance contract, both as part of the technical construction file for gas-fired central heating boilers from 4 to 400 kW.

From September 26th 2015 you have to comply the ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC.

One part of implementing this directive for central heating boilers is covering the requirements for central heating efficiencies as described in article 4 of commission regulation No 813/2013.

The road to CE certification according to the boiler efficiency directive and/or commission regulation No 813/2013
Fill in the application form which can be found under the button “Downloads”.

Based on the information given in the application form, Kiwa will contact you. When all information is complete Kiwa will send an quotation specifying, among other things, the test program, inspection of your production process, and the certification schedule.

If the product meet the requirements of the BED and/or the commission regulation No 813/2013, the result is a BED and/or commission regulation No 813/2013 test report and a BED and/or commission regulation No 813/2013 certificate. Obtaining a BED and/or commission regulation No 813/2013 surveillance agreement is the final step before you can enter the European market.