BS EN 483:2000 - Gas-fired central heating boilers – Type C boilers with a nominal heat input not exceeding 70kW

BS EN 303-2:1999 – Heating boilers with forced draught burners – special requirements for boilers with atomising oil burners

BS EN 303-3:1999 – Heating boilers – Gas-fired central heating boilers–assembly comprising a boiler body and a forced draught burner

BS EN 303-4:1999 – Heating boilers with forced draught burners – with outputs up to 70kW and a maximum operating pressure of 3bar

BS EN 304:1992 – Heating boilers – test code for heating boilers for atomising oil burners

BS EN 297:1994 – Gas-fired central heating boilers – type B11 and B11 BS boilers fitted with atmospheric burners of nominal heat input not exceeding 70kW

BS EN 15502 - Suite gas-fired central heating boilers

OFS A100 – Condensing and non-condensing heating boilers with atomising burners outputs up to 70kW

BS845:1987 [parts 1 and 2] – Assessing thermal performance of boilers for steam, hot water and high temperature heat transfer fluids.

This service is for manufacturers and distributors of domestic oil or gas boilers.

Kiwa Gastec has been at the forefront of the use of BS845 to close the energy balance during continuous test work. Although not definitive, this technique is extremely useful at verifying useful efficiencies.

Please note that not every test method listed above is covered by our UKAS accreditation, but we apply the same technical rigour to all its procedures as if for UKAS accreditation; as a matter of policy we seek to include all test methods in our UKAS accreditation.

Energy efficiency is an ever-increasing activity for us, and we are constantly developing new techniques and methods to test, for example, electrical water heater efficiency, electric oven efficiency, and boiler efficiency assessment under a dynamic heat load.

The Energy Using Products (EuP) directive whilst in principle could apply to all products which use energy, is targetting various 'lots' of technologies in phased tranches. Among these first tranches are hot water boilers, water heaters, biomass boilers and standby electricity. Kiwa Gastec is working with manufacturers across these areas to assist with compliance under the EuP.

We use the services of our own state-of-the-art automated efficiency test rig to assess both heating circuit efficiency and domestic hot water production.