Kiwa was the first notified body to grant a CE mark for the GAR’s predecessor, the Gas Appliance Directive, in 1992. The tests include combustion tests with different gases (according to country where the appliance will be used). 

If you are a producer, supplier, manufacturer, importer, retailer or marketer of boilers and water heaters and wish to test or certify your boiler or water heaters to comply with the GAR, the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and/or the EMC Directive (EMCD) by an EN17025 accredited laboratory, Kiwa is your partner. 

If you wish to launch your boiler or water heater on the European or worldwide market, you must have production control and a certificate issued by an independent accredited authority. Wall hanging or floor standing boilers and water heaters also have to be tested according to the Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR).

Based on your request Kiwa sends you an offer specifying the test program, sampling, inspection of your production process and the certification schedule. Our offer takes account of the product test results you may already have acquired from other accredited test institutes. The result is a test report and a certificate. A surveillance agreement is the final step before you can enter the European or worldwide market.