If your organization is a food business, whether it’s involved in milling flour or selling sandwiches, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certification can help you show your customers that you meet internationally-agreed standards.

The BRC Global Standard (BRCGS) for Food Safety provides a framework that lets you manage product safety, integrity, legality and quality, as well as their operational controls. 

Designed to protect consumers, BRC Global Food certification demonstrates to your customers that your product safety systems are robust, thereby giving them confidence that you’re supplying high-quality products that are safe and legal, and ensuring they come back again and again.


Any food business, from primary processors like abattoirs, flour mills and dairies to retail processing and packing companies.

What you need to know

Developed by experts in the food industry, the BRC Standard has continuously evolved since being established in 1998, so the rigorous and detailed requirements are understandable and relevant. So far, 18,000 suppliers in more than 100 countries have been certified.

The BRC Standard has seven sections:

1. Senior management commitment and continual improvement – including providing adequate resources, effective communication and opportunities for improvement

2. The food safety plan (HACCP) – based on the requirements of the Codex Alimentarius system

3. Food safety and quality management system – including requirements for product specifications, traceability, and the management of product recalls.

4. Site standards – requirements for production, including cleaning, pest control and maintenance

5. Product control – covers design and development, including inspection and testing

6. Process control – including equipment calibration, safe process controls and weight/volume control

7. Personnel – including staff training and personal hygiene

Getting certified with Kiwa

The food industry is highly competitive, so having legal, technical, financial and reputational advantage can be a huge benefit for your company.

Kiwa provides food certification services around the world, giving us the experience and expertise to provide high-quality, robust and competitively priced assessments. By partnering with Kiwa, you can protect your position in the market, with BRC certification from a five-star rated certification body that has green status for all five BRC grading criteria, helping you get the most out of your BRC certification.


  • Boost your profits – by helping you improve food safety and meet customers’ needs, BRC certification can help keep customers coming back – and boost your bottom line
  • Improve food safety – by going through the process of BRC certification you can identify ways to improve your food safety processes
  • Reduce waste – improvements in food safety can lead to more efficient production or processing, so BRC can help you reduce your waste
  • Meet customers’ needs – with BRC certification, you can give your customers confidence in your food safety and supply chain management
  • Demonstrate your commitment to food safety – certification shows customers, partners and employees that you are committed to food safety
  • Improve reputation – BRC certification helps you reduce the number of complaints from customers, as well as recalls and rejected products
  • Showcase your performance – if you’re BRC certified, you can use the BRC Food Standard logo in your marketing and communications, and be listed on the BRC Directory