The BRCGS (BRC) Storage and DIstribution standard covers all activities which may affect the safety, quality and legal standing of the products as they are stored and distributed. It shows the customer that the producer has robust product safety systems in place to allow for confidence in the supply of a safe, legal and quality product.

BRCGS (BRC) Storage and Distribution Audit frequency and duration

The audit will be carried out at 12 month frequencies unless two or more major non-conformities are found, where the next audit shall be due in six months. The duration depends on the size and complexity of your company but typically 1 to 1.5 days.

The BRCGS (BRC) Storage and Distribution standard includes:

  • Hazard and Risk Analysis System
  • Quality Management Systems – Based on the principles of ISO 9000 and including product traceability and management of recalls
  • The site environment and operating standards – including maintenance, cleaning and pest control, product handling and where applicable temperature controls
  • Vehicle Operating Standards
  • Facility Management
  • Good Operating Practices
  • Personnel – including the training and personal hygiene requirements for the staff

In addition to storage and distribution, there are modules covering:

  • Wholesale – intended specifically for Wholesalers who purchase product for sale under their own brand label and includes sections on supplier approval, specifications and product testing to give confidence to the purchasers of these products
  • Contracted Services – covers additional activities which may be carried out on packaged products on behalf of the brand owner for instance freezing, secondary packing, production of multi packs or assembly of promotional or gift packs

The BRCGS (BRC) Storage and Distribution Standard covers distribution at any point in the distribution network, such as:

  • Farm to processor
  • Processor to manufacturer
  • Manufacturer to warehouse
  • Warehouse to retail depot
  • Retail depot to store
  • Store to final customer (for example with internet shopping)

For a quick, competitive quotation please email  or call. If you would like to apply for the scheme, please complete the BRCGS Storage and Distribution Enquiry Form.