The Evaluation Guideline consists of two parts: 

Part 1: Installation

Part 2: Products

At the moment the guideline is only in the Dutch language. As soon as a English version is available, this will be published on this website.

The products are intended to be used in piping systems for district heating at a design pressure (= maximum working pressure) of 1 MPa (11 bar absolute or 10 bar overpressure), 0.9 MPa (9 bar absolute or 8 bar overpressure) or 0.7 MPa (7 bar absolute or 6 bar overpressure), under the conditions mentioned in table 1.1. 


Each pressure mentioned in this BRL is defined as overpressure.

(So, with "10 bar" a "10 bar overpressure" is meant).

Table 1 - Classification system

[ ºC]
Overall service coefficient
Tmalfunction95100 hours1.0
Remark: the mentioned temperature profile is in accordance with class DH1

Procedure for obtaining the quality declaration

Pre-certification tests

The pre-certification tests to be carried out by the certification body, take place in accordance with the performance and product requirements as embodied in this evaluation guideline, including test methods and depending on the nature of the product to be certified:

• (Sample)tests, in order to determine whether the products fulfill the product and/or performance requirements;

• Evaluation of the production process;

• Evaluation of the quality system and the IQC-scheme;

• Assessment of the presence and functioning of other required procedures;

• Evaluation of the installation instructions of the supplier.

Issue of the certificate

After completion of the pre-certification tests, the results are presented to the decision-maker. The decision-maker evaluates the results and determines whether the certificate can be issued or whether additional information and/or tests are required in order to be able to issue the certificate.