Why NISP for your company?

Worldwide, the aim is to generate energy without fossil fuels. However, it would be a shame if this would be of the expense of delicate ecosystems and biodiversity. That is why governments exert pressure to take nature into account when constructing solar parks. Companies with a NISP certificatied solar energy system visibly demonstrate they have dealt with the construction of their solar park in a responsible manner. Moreover, companies with an NISP certificate are eligible for government subsidy.

Is my company eligible for a NISP certificate?

Solar park developers can qualify for an NISP organization certificate on the condition the project developers obtain a NISP tool license with Leafteasers B.V., Kiwa’s partner in NISP certification. Also, the solar park must be realized on a former or current agricultural or animal husbandry area. If a project developer is NISP certified, the Nature Inclusive Solar Park he or she has realized is also eligible for NISP certification.

NISP certificate provides market advantage

NISP certified project developers demonstrate they work according to the requirements and principles of Nature Inclusive Solar Park. This means biodiversity and ecosystems are taken into account when realizing a Nature Inclusive Solar Park. A NISP certificate provides a market advantage that allows project developers to distinguish themselves from competitors who claim they take biodiversity into account, but cannot demonstrate this.

SDE+ subsidy

Project developers with an NISP certificate are eligible for the Dutch government’s SDE+ subsidy, which enables you to demonstrate your organization actively contributes to the energy transition. In addition, the certificate helps municipalities or other local authorities to demonstrate a solar park is designed according to the principles of Nature Inclusive Solar Park. It is also good to know that NISP fits in seamlessly with the Dutch code of conduct ‘Zon op Land’.

Certification in 5 steps

If you want to qualify for a NISP certificate at Kiwa, the first thing to do is to contact Leafteasers B.V. They can provide you with a license agreement that gives you access to the NISP tool, which must be completed prior to the Kiwa certification process. The certification process can start if you have signed a certification agreement with Kiwa. The certification steps are as follows:

  • Request a license agreement from Leafteasers B.V .;
  • Request a quotation from Kiwa;
  • Fill in the NISP tool and submit it to Kiwa;
  • Contact Kiwa and schedule a certification investigation;
  • Certification issue.

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