This relates to components such as couplings, flanges, manhole covers, lifting eyes and thermite welding at divisible shafts of underground tank installations, pipes and pipe connections. By applying sealing material or tape, the object to be protected is protected from water and oxygen to prevent corrosion.

For whom?

For suppliers and producers of sealing material and tape, tank and pipe owners, (tank) installation companies and pipe construction companies.

When is it necessary?

Evaluation Guideline BRL-K911/02 is of added value for suppliers, manufacturers and users of underground steel objects such as tanks and pipes and installations where corrosion protection is required. By supplying/producing/using these products under the BRL-K911 product certificate they can assure the quality assurance system is sound. In addition, the processing and safe use thereof is indicated.


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This Evaluation Guideline is only available in Dutch.