Within the bitumen industry, the BDA BENDING TESTER® is generally accepted as an essential test to determine the quality of bitumen, in particular, of modified bitumen.

About the BDA Brushing Tester

The BDA Brushing Tester, type V, is working according to EN 12039:1999 - Flexible sheets for waterproofing - Bitumen sheets for roof waterproofing - Determination of adhesion of granules.

With this machine it is possible to perform outward and return cyclic linear movements between a replaceable brush applied with a force of (21,5 ± 0,5) N on the surface of the test specimen, and the test specimen itself. The amplitude is adjustable, as well as the displacement speed and the duration of the test, which makes it possible to test according to various other test methods. According to EN 12039, fifty cycles with a movement of 200 mm are performed within 55 s.

The approximate dimensions are (l x w x h) = 1,1 m x 0,6 m x 1,4 m. The equipment stands on the floor and shall be accessible from at least two directions. 220/230 V with 50 Hz electrical supply is needed.