You can also then take these gas modules:

Course Outcome

    • CKR1 Cookers
    • HTR1 Heaters
    • CENWAT Central heating and water heaters
    • MET1 Meters
    • LAU1 Laundry
    • LEI1 Natural gas leisure and miscellaneous appliances.

 You could also extend your scope after 6 months on the Gas Safe Register and consider completing CODNCO1 and LPG assessment. Some of our CCN1 candidates also cross train to work as oil appliance installers.

What are the entry requirements for the CCN1 course?

Candidates undertaking assessment for the first time will be required to produce either of the following:

  • Previous or current CCN1 certificate
  • NVQ3 in Plumbing with defined Gas Pathway
  • a Gas Diploma also known as the Managed Learning Programme which can also be undertaken at Kiwa

Here is a list of qualifications and certification schemes suitable for accessing ACS assessments. For further guidance on pre-requisites please contact Kiwa Training. 

How long does the CCN1 course take?

  • For reassessment, allow up to 6 days.
  • For initial assessment dependent on learner’s prior knowledge and onsite gas work experience allow up to 5 to 7 days.


 Existing CCN1 domestic gas engineers are reassessed every 5 years to make sure their skills are up to date and are then issued with a new certificate.

You can book your reassessment 6 months before your qualification expires.

You must be reassessed within 12 months of your certificate expiring to maintain your gas safety competence.

Renewal candidates will be asked to provide evidence prior to taking ACS assessments that they possess a gas fitting qualification or certificate(s) of gas safety competence issued either within or outside of the UK.