Why do you need this certificate?

The CE marking Fertilizer Regulation is mandatory for producers of fertilizers that trade within the European Union. The marking is also bringing a lot of benefits for your organization. It is a green initiative where waste materials are being reused. The scheme is in line with circular entrepreneurship. The whole process is a lot more environmentally friendly because more by-products are used from sources that would otherwise be declared as unusable. By aligning these rules throughout the European Union, products with this CE marking are accepted in all 27 member states. This increases the market opportunities of your organization.

For whom?

If you are a producer of organic or inorganic fertilizers, limes, soil improvers, growing media, inhibitors and bio-stimulants within the European Union, then the CE marking Fertilizer Regulation applies to you. The regulation also applies to producers from outside of the European Union, who want to import their products to the market of a EU member states. In almost all cases, the distributors of these fertilizers are seen as producers. This means that the marking also applies to them.

How does it work?

Prior to the certification of the CE marking Fertilizer Regulation, the organization must meet a number of criteria. Because of this, not only the end product is inspected, but also the required components that are used during production. If all the required components meet the criteria, you are eligible for a certificate. In this certificate, the notified body declares that all the requirements have been met. When the certificate has been issued, the producer may mark the product with the CE mark. With this quality mark, the producer can declare that the product meets all the requirements of the Fertilizer Products Regulation.

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa is an international notified body for multiple CE markings. A notified body is an independent organization designated by the European Commission and the European Union member states to implement the certification. Kiwa has the expertise of fertilizer products and is involved in the implementation of the Fertilizing Products Regulation. Kiwa has extensive experience in auditing products that fall under this regulation.