Kiwa evaluation guidelines for product certification

The certification process is carried out based on Kiwa evaluation guidelines, which contain requirements with respect to the materials utilized, the function of the product and the quality control of the production process. Kiwa evaluation guidelines are drafted and maintained by the Board of Experts. A Kiwa product certificate can be achieved for the following ceramic sanitary appliances:

  • WC-pans according to BRL-K619;
  • Close coupled suites according to BRL-K621;
  • Flushing cisterns according to BRL-K620; and
  • Float operated valves according to BRL-K615.

The examination of the products also covers   compliance tests for the corresponding European Standards EN 997, EN 14055 and EN 14124.

One Stop Shopping

Our one stop shopping strategy gives you the opportunity to benefit from a combination of services that Kiwa  can offer.

Kiwa provides,  through one central point of communication, the knowledge and experience you require for a swift and efficient guide through the certification world.

Other services

Kiwa also offers the possibility to test other ceramic sanitary products for compliance with European Standards for CE marking.
If you require assistance with testing equipment for testing according to EN 997, please feel free to contact us.

Kiwa  gives you  the possibility to purchase  measuring and testing equipment and tools for the testing of WC-pans and/or close coupled suites  related to EN 997.

Your partner in progress

Kiwa participates in various (inter)national normalization committees, giving you direct access to the latest information from our experts about the product group. Kiwa Certificate holders can count on timely and objective information about the international developments with respect to their products.

The product group Ceramic Sanitary Appliances is your worldwide expert centre, co-operating with various other international institutes. The expertise, but most of all the pragmatic approach by our experienced employees, has resulted in co-operations by means of mutual recognitions with other certification bodies worldwide. In this context, we would like to mention:

  • Africa 
  • SABS (South African Bureau of Standards)
  • Australia and New Zealand, SAI Global,  Global mark, IAPMO Oceana, WELS Regulator