Safety is of ever growing importance in our society. There are few homes or business spaces that have not been secured with electronic and other tools. Especially in the field of alarm systems there are more and more opportunities, with security equipment ranging from motion detectors to IP cameras that are online 24/7 and that can notify the owner of a property of burglary or other calamities via his smartphone.

In order to fully exploit the growing potential  of intrusion alarm equipment, the reliability of the equipment is of the utmost importance. Worldwide there are numerous quality marks and certifications, describing the requirements that products must meet before they can be placed on local markets.

For manufacturers of security equipment that are active worldwide, it can be a challenging task to determine which international certifications are required for a new product. Let alone to actually obtain those certifications. Kiwa can help with this. With our many years of experience in the field of testing and certifying security equipment and alarm systems, we are a one-stop-shop for manufacturers and importers who want to market their products worldwide.

Incert, EN and SSF 1014
Kiwa has a number of well-equipped test labs where, under the accreditation of national accreditation bodies, security equipment can be tested and certified. For example European EN standards, but also national labels such as the Belgian Incert and the Swedish SSF 1014 and SSF114 are part of our services. Kiwa not only provides the required test reports, but also takes care of the registration of products with the various national authorities.