Manufacturers of automotive vehicles using compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system components.

The various components are:

  • General requirements and definitions
  • Performance and general test methods
  • Check valves
  • Manual valves
  • Manual cylindrical valves
  • Automatic valves
  • Gas injectors
  • Pressure indicators
  • Gas-flow adjusters
  • Gas/air mixers
  • Pressure relief valves (PRV)
  • Pressure relief devices (PRD)
  • Excess flow valves
  • Gas-tight housing and ventilation hoses

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If you wish to launch your automobile with one of the compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel system components on the worldwide market, you must certify all those components using compressed natural gas (CNG) in their propulsion system, according the ISO 15500 standard. For the worldwide market you must have the ISO 15500 mark on your products.

You can ask for a quotation or information either by phone or e-mail. A starting point for a quotation is standard ISO 15500.  After approval of the quotation by both parties the actual test work starts. A certificate will be sent to you by Kiwa when all test work has been performed successfully and you have entered into a surveillance agreement.