For designers, producers, assemblers, installers and sellers or users of pressure equipment.

Required by: European and National legislation.

I. Design/ New Pressure Equipment

Pressure Equipment Decree 311

Manufacturer: Risk analysis and Conformity assessment

  • Production of pressure equipment or an assembly;
  • Manufacturer is responsible for the whole process in this stage;
  • Completion of a part or the whole assembly prior to commissioning in accordance with PED (documentation) requirements;
  • CE Marking.

Pressure Equipment Decree 339

User: Risk analysis and Conformity assessment

  • Production of a part or whole of a pressure system;
  • In case the user manufactures a product/installation consisting of several components and/or pressure equipment, then this user becomes the manufacturer;
  • The user is responsible for the safety analysis.

Pressure Equipment Decree 387

User: Approval for Commissioning

  • The user requests an inspection of the equipment prior to its commissioning;
  • Issuing of Declaration of Commissioning and reports.

II. Operational stage

Pressure Equipment Decree 387

User: Periodic inspections

  • Periodic inspections at regular intervals;
  • Extension of inspection interval;
  • Flexibility of inspection interval;
  • Initial examination/inspection;
  • Changes;
  • Repairs.