Applicable to producers or distributors who wants to sell their food contact materials and articles in Europe or in the USA.

In the EU, the Regulation 1935/2004/EC is applicable for all food contact materials. In short, the manufacturer/supplier shall state a Declaration of Compliance (DoC) for his products, in which he declares that:
- the materials and products are manufactured following the requirements with respect to good manufacturing practise,
- he has a good traceability system,
- the product labelling meets the requirements,
- the requirements according to the required migration tests are met,
- the requirements are met for organoleptic aspects,
- the material formulation meets the positive substances lists.

For companies this means a lot of work and often in-house knowledge and capacity is not available to get the job done. Kiwa has the possibilities to help in all aspects regarding evaluation of material formulation, migration testing, factory production control and reports. Manufacturers can use these Kiwa documents as the basis for their Declaration of Compliance (DoC).
As an independent party Kiwa also offers certificates for food contact materials and end products. The certification is based on inspections and testing on a regular basis. A Kiwa Product Certificate gives food contact products a competitive edge.

The EU Regulation 1935/2004/EC indicates specific groups of food contact materials and articles for which specific legislation can apply.
Examples of these groups are ceramics, plastics, rubbers and metals.
Plastics have to comply with the European Regulation 10/2011/EC. For rubber there is only an European directive 93/11/EEC for teats and soothers. For other food contact materials and articles there are no EU regulations yet. National legislation is leading. Kiwa has the knowledge to consult which requirements are applicable for the specific material for every country. Examples of national regulation: in Germany the BfR requirements are applicable, in France the ‘Arrete of November 9th 1994’, in the Netherlands the ‘Verpakking en gebruiksartikelenbesluit (Warenwet)’ and in Italy ‘the decree of March 21st 1973 including updates’.

For the US market the FDA requirements (FDA CFR21 parts 174-177) are applicable.
Kiwa supplies the necessary information by means of material evaluations and test reports by which companies can show food contact compliance.
A certificate based on the standard NSF/ANSI 51 ‘Food Equipment Materials’, is widely accepted in the market.

Summarized, Kiwa can serve you in all of the mentioned aspects:

  • formulation reviews
  • migration simulations
  • migration tests
  • organoleptic tests
  • factory production control (good manufacturing practice, labelling and traceability)
  • Reports for food contact materials
  • Certification

To pass checks and controls by national authorities by showing the right documentation and prove compliance to legal requirements.