With our years of expertise in the field of sports facilities, the consultants of Kiwa ISA Sport can guide you through the maze of rules and regulations. Moreover, the fact that we are independent means that you are always guaranteed to get the best possible advice!
Finally, as soon as a sports facility is ready for use, our inspectors can check to see if it meets all the necessary rules and regulations.

Who is it for?
(Future) owners and operators of sports facilities;
- Sports associations and clubs;
- Project developers, architects and building contractors.

When do you need it?
Throughout the entire development process up to and including the completion of a new sports facility.

Process steps
Project initiation
- draw up a Schedule of Requirements;
- baseline measurements for the benefit of conversion and renovation.

Design, construction and management
- assessment of Schedule of Requirements, concept and definitive design and construction documents;
- preliminary selection of sports floors, inventory, contractors, etc.;
- sports-related inspections/measurements, such as acoustics, lighting and sports floors.

- write texts outlining the standard for brochures published by sports associations and trade associations;
- award quality marks and certification to developers, architects and building contractors who work in accordance with the   standards.

About Kiwa ISA Sport
Kiwa ISA Sport is the number one knowledge institute for sports facilities. We have been providing support on various aspects of the construction and maintenance of top quality, sustainable and safe sports facilities for over fifty years, mainly in the Netherlands, but also internationally. We have been part of Kiwa since 2011.

Kiwa ISA Sport is fully independent and has all the necessary know-how about the applicable rules and regulations (such as the NOC*NSF standards and KLVO guidelines) and test methods. We have been actively participating in all national and international standardization committees for years and are accredited by most national and international sports associations.