For many years Kiwa has been a notified body for the Low Voltage Directive and EMC Directive and Gas Appliances Directive (GAD) (now Gas Appliance Regulation (GAR)). Kiwa is also a partner of the well known German VDE institute and the Canadian CSA and is able to offer the following services for electrical products:

  • CE testing
  • Kiwa certification
  • IECEE CB certification scheme
  • VDE certification
  • GS certification
  • Certification for North America

Exporting electronic controls is impossible without the appropriate certification. Kiwa can help you avoid the complexity and cost of seeking compliance with a whole variety of national import requirements. Our electronic safety laboratory has been recognized by the IECEE as a Certification Body Testing Laboratory (CBTL). This means our testing services can provide you with CB certification. CB certificates are accepted in a larger number of countries worldwide.

The electronics for controlling and safeguarding gas appliances and electrical appliances are becoming ever more complex. As a leading party in Europe Kiwa is also addressing all kind of standards under several directives to address these controlling and so called safety electronics. Certifications for non-European countries are also possible.

Kiwa can test and certify according to the following standards:

  • EN 298/ANSIZ21.20 / CSAC22.2 No. 199/for burner controls
  • EN 13611 for safety electronics
  • EN/IEC 60730 for household controls
  • EN/IEC 60335 for household appliances
  • EN 61508 forSIL assessment

If you wish to obtain access to global markets with your electronic product and components, you can ask for a quotation or information either by phone or e-mail. We will set up a plan according to your requirements. After approval of the quotation by both parties the actual test work starts. A certificate will be sent to you when all the test work has been performed successfully and you have entered into a surveillance agreement with Kiwa (for GAR only).