Elevator: is a lifting device, which operates on a non-flexible guide, on a fixed travel track or on a fixed travel track, which serves a certain level of inflexible and horizontally more than 15 degrees angles.

What you want to Know?

What should be in the Asansor Application File:

  • Name and address of the installer and his authorized representative, if available,
  • A written statement that the same application has not been made to any other notified body,
  • Technical file,
  • Detailed information for model elevator,
    The evidence that demonstrates the adequacy of the technical design solution and is to be submitted is any document including the technical specifications as well as other documents where the relevant harmonized standard and / or the full harmonized national standards do not apply to the harmonized national standards. The document in question includes test results performed in accordance with other specifications by a testing laboratory in his name under the responsibility of a suitable laboratory or elevator installer.
    What to Find in the Asansor Technical File

What to Find in the ElevatorTechnical File:

  • Explanation of the general and model permissible changes of the elevator,
  • Design and manufacturing drawings and diagrams,
  • Explanation of the drawings, diagrams and the operation of the elevator,
  • A list of basic health and safety requirements,
  • A copy of the EU declaration of conformity of the elevator safety features used to mount the elevator,
  • The results of the design calculations carried out or constructed by the elevator installer,
  • Test reports,
  • A copy of the instructions set out in point 6.2 (2014/33 / EU) of Annex I,
  • Measures taken during installation in order to ensure that the series manufactured elevator complies with the provisions of this Regulation.

Assessment of Elevator Conformity:

The manufacturer chooses the most suitable module according to the annual production capacity, quality management system and design unit.

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The aim of this course is to determine the procedures and principles related to the determination, classification, design, production, installation, distribution, placing on the market, putting into service, use, inspection and certification processes of the minimum conditions to be ensured in order to ensure the security of persons and goods.