Regularly organizing emergency drills allows network companies to assess and demonstrate that the organisation is ready and capable of handling a breakdown or emergency effectively. An emergency drill should be organised based on the emergency manual, with great attention being paid to preparation, execution and evaluation.

If an independent party that is capable of expertly assessing how the emergency is handled is present in the organisation, that party can also draw up an assessment report. This independent report clearly indicates to all the stakeholders that the network company is capable of reacting adequately in the event of breakdowns and/or emergencies.

To date, Kiwa Technology has already successfully assumed this independent role for many network companies. For example, we have already organised many emergency drills and improved several manuals, or created manuals "from scratch". In each case, we deliver customised work that seamlessly complies with the customer's wants.

  • Intake analysis together with the involved parties
  • Preparation for the emergency drill
  • Execution of the emergency drill
  • Evaluation of the emergency drill
  • Final report

The exact role played by Kiwa Technology is discussed for each process step.

Target groups

  • Pipeline operator
  • Pipeline management authority
  • Gas network company
  • Gas network operator
  • Party responsible for gas systems
  • Gas network management department
  • Gas maintenance and management department
  • HSE Manager