Most standards have been developed based on experiences from the past. With advancing techniques we see that these "old" applications that are often based on practical examples will not longer suffice.

Requirements for alarm reporting are complex. Questions regarding the purpose of alarm reporting and the underlying risk, for example, shall be asked. Once these questions have been answered, requirements for the alarm reporting as an occupant can be outlined, but also requirements for various applications as manager of the certification scheme can specified.

EN 50136-1 "Alarm systems - Alarm transmission systems and equipment - Part 1" describes the performance-requirements for various alarm transmission system components and features.

Requirements for necessary system equipment are outlined in the parts that follow. Think hereby of equipment such as the transmitter, receiver, the service provider who receives the alarm, etc.

The relevant standard does not prescribe any specific technique, but outlines performance requirements for the alarm transmission system. The supplier must demonstrate compliance with these requirements.

Who for?
The intended users of this European standard include suppliers of alarm transmission systems, alarm centres, fire brigades, internet providers, equipment manufacturers and, of course, the end users.

When is it required?
EN 50136-1 applies to transmission systems for all types of alarms such as fire, burglary, access control, social alarms, etc.

Process steps
The first step is to inspect the system design.
The second step is to check system performance in practice and system integrity.
Finally, the system database is checked to analyse statistics generated by the system. Standard compliance can be determined based on these checks.

Why Kiwa NCP?
Kiwa NCP is a leading certification body for the certification (accreditation) of fire protection and security companies, also called Fire Safety & Security (FSS).

Kiwa NCP is an independent Certification Body that determines whether a company meets the quality requirements. A Kiwa NCP Certificate provides the occupant with a well-founded confidence in the quality of the certified company and its services, such as testing, commissioning and maintaining systems.