Background - development of energy labelling

For just over 10 years, the Swedish Standards Institute Technical Committee TK519 has been working on the issue of energy saving via energy-efficient water taps. This has now resulted in two Swedish test standards (SS 820000, SS 820001) and certification rules for energy classification and labelling of sanitary tapware.

At NORDBYGG 2012, this energy labelling for water taps was introduced for the first time in Sweden. Since then, a large number of sanitary taps have undergone testing and labelling. All energy-labelled sanitary taps are presented in the certificate overview (pdf) to the right.

How does certification take place?

Energy labelling is carried out according to the Certification rules for energy efficiency classification and labelling of sanitary tapware (SIS TK 519), which can be downloaded on this page to the right. Kiwa administers these certification rules with the help of an advisory group. The advisory group has a broad range of members and is represented by stakeholders within the industry.

The certification rules describe the requirements that must be met by a producer before it is entitled to apply energy labelling to its products. The requirements are:

  • Approved testing in line with SS-EN817 (mechanical basin and sink mixing valves) or SS-EN1111 (thermostatic mixing valves)
  • Energy efficiency tested in line with SS-820000 (mechanical basin and sink mixing valves) or SS-820001 (thermostatic mixing valves), supplemented by the respective memo documents
  • Quality system in line with SS-EN ISO 9001 including ongoing monitoring of Factory Production Controls.

The brochure Energy Labelling of Domestic Taps contains more information on how certification takes place. It can be downloaded on this page to the right.

Energy consumption is tested in line with SS 820000 (for mechanical basin and sink mixing valves) and SS 820001 (for thermostatic mixing valves with shower) with additional guidance provided in the memo documents which can be downloaded as PDFs on this page. The memo documents represent further development and interpretation of the test standards adopted by the advisory group and these two memos will be integrated in the standards when they are next revised.

The standards are available for purchase at - click this link

SS 820000:2010 Sanitary Tapware – Method for Determination of the Energy Efficiency of Mechanical Basin and Sink Mixing Valves
SS 820001:2010 Sanitary Tapware – Method for Determination of the Energy Efficiency of Thermostatic Mixing Valves with Shower

Kiwa’s energy labelling takes place without accreditation for both certification and testing.

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