Energy distribution companies, heat distribution companies, energy suppliers, installers, firms of consulting engineers, housing associations, end users and supervisory bodies can all turn to Kiwa Technology for advice.

Specific knowledge is required during all the life cycle phases of energy meters for gas and heat.

When purchasing new meters, questions may arise about the required measurement range, accuracy and the robustness of the meters, but also about the correct way of installing them in order to obtain a correct reading.

If your company already operates a meter park, Kiwa Technology can support you in setting up and maintaining a maintenance and management programme.

In addition, Kiwa Technology can act as an independent arbitrator in disputes relating to energy measurement (gas and/or heat). Finally, Kiwa Technology is capable of representing the interests of gas and heat suppliers and operators of gas meter and calorimeter parks within national and international standards committees and you can turn to Kiwa for all questions relating to regulations.

If you require advice on gas meters or calorimeters, please contact our account manager. All questions in this area are unique and require a unique approach.